Inexpensive doesn't mean cheap!

 I hope everyone is doing well. We have been busy creating, taking pictures, and getting everything listed. I wanted to take the time to explain why my prices are so low.

The first reason and main reason is that I don't have a lot of over head. I work from my home and create when I am not working on my "real" job.  Does that mean our stuff is cheap? Not at all. In fact you get higher quality because I have cut a lot of the middle men out.  

The second reason is that I have a large family, and it use to cost a lot to get the kids nice things.  So my main goal is to provide quality and beautiful items at a low price. I know that times are tough especially that we are still dealing with everything from the pandemic.

And the last reason is because if I could I would give everything away, however my staff and family said that was a no go. So the compromise was to keep low prices, and charge shipping. Well, don't tell the family or the staff,  but shipping is free the remainder of April*.  Just use the below link, and your shipping will be free for purchases over $25.00.

If you don't see something you like on the website, please reach out, we can collaborate on custom designs.


*shipping is free for purchases of $25.00 or more.